Our Beers

tutti frutti

alc. 6.0% vol.

A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam boo! A journey through your taste buds with Mosaic, Simcoe and Chinook hops in the front and back seats happily singin’ along. Aurora hop being a bit bitter in the backseat as he’s always being left behind, despite the fact that he’s the only local guy around here. 

Supportive pale malts in the boot to keep the ride stable and flaked oats to keep it silky smooth. Last but not least, a very special yeast strain behind the wheel to keep it all together and to steer things in the right direction. That’s our interpretation of an India pale ale, Tutti Frutti. Enjoy.


Ale alc. 4.3% vol.

Šluk is a light and fresh beer proudly named after its brother Kölsch from Köln, Germany. This German recipe has been further refined by using Slovene hops with a unique sweet aroma. This beer is great for a party or a picnic celebration with your friends. It`s light and with the right look to make you stand out..

wallonian fuel

alc. 5.5% vol.

Historically, saisons were low in alcohol, had lots of hops and were usually brewed on a farm in Wallonia using a mix of brewer’s yeast, wild yeast and local bacteria. That resulted in a thirstquenching hoppy ale that was safer to drink than water and great for field workers and farmers. 

Our version is brewed using pilsner, wheat, Munich and some rye malt for a rustic dimension with added complexity and a special yeast strain from a well-known saison brewer in Belgium. A newer hop strain called Hallertau Blanc from Germany contributes white grape, gooseberry and other fruity notes, meanwhile a local classic, Styrian Golding Celeia contributes lemon, earthy and herbal notes. Enjoy, even if you’re not a farmer.


ALC. 6.0% VOL.

Night and day, darkness and light, good and evil. Never one without the other. Embrace the darkness, for this one is not evil at all. Brewed with a heavy hand of different roasted and malted grains together with oat and barley flakes for that creamy mouthfeel and a pale malt for base. Aurora hops for bitterness and Huell Melon for flavour and added sweetness. Great for a rainy summer day or a cold winter evening in front of a fireplace contemplating life. Or in fact any day of your choosing. Even on a Monday. The time is always right for a good stout.


ALC. 7.6% VOL.

France Prešeren, one of Slovenia’s greatest poets, gave dried figs to children as an act of kindness. Belgians pour heaps of candy syrup on top of their waffles. But we’re different. Adventurous brewers as we are, we decided to put both these things in one single beer. The result is a dubbel – a dark, higher alcohol monastic ale. Incredibly drinkable and complex, best enjoyed with good food and friends. Or you can sip it on your own, we’ll understand.


ALC. 4.5% VOL.

And like that… it’s gone. Order another one. But there is probably no need to tell you that. You already did. Balanced, malty and hoppy. A session ale. The distinctive red colour is a result of two types of caramel malts, a special darker base malt and a generous amount of malted rye, which contributes some earthiness and a spicy dry finish. Aurora, Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria and Chinook hops for bitterness, flavour and aroma. Our usual suspect for a great session ale, and our homage to great cinematography.


ALC. 4.8% VOL.

Not all lagers are yellow, fizzy and flavourless. Some are quite the opposite, just like the one you’re holding right now, and drinking we presume. Named after the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, or Sissi as she was called, this is a Vienna style amber lager with a twist. Vienna, Munich and a pinch of caramel malts for the foundation and Cascade, Mandarina Bavaria and Celeia hops for a hoppier character and happier imbibers.


ALC. 7.6% VOL.

Do you think monks have dates? Perhaps, we don’t know… A monastic beer style and dates from the Middle East? Of course it’s possible, you’re holding it, right? We’re not monastic and not from the Middle East, but we, as many others, think that darker Belgian beers are complemented by dark dried fruits. So we decided to make this concoction – East meets West, fruit meets beer – a dubbel with an addition of dates. This beer goes well with an abbey- type cheese or a One Thousand and One Nights tale before bedtime. We leave that to you.In the spirit of friendship, “Santé!”

Holiday Hog

ALC. 11.5% VOL.

Black as midnight. It smells of vanilla and roasted coffee, while the flavour is reminiscent of cocoa, dark chocolate and coffee. Light body for a strong holiday feeling. Just take a sip already ‘cuz baby, it’s cold outside’. Oh, and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. And a Happy New Year.