Our Story

How it all began…

We are a family owned microbrewery.

We are OMNIVAR, a Slovenian family-owned microbrewery established in 2017. What began as a passion project by a group of beer-lovers who were tired of drinking the same old uninspired beers, has grown into a microbrewery driven by innovation and flavor. We develop our own recipes, which we have refined over the course of five years, and brew small craft batches by hand. We have a selection of eight beers that we brew regularly. Within the selection there is a variety of flavours to accomodate to different tastes and occasions.

The origins of our name

Our name, OMNIVAR, derives from the latin expression omni and the abbreviated latin word var. Omni means all/everything, while var means variety. Our name reflects our values: exploration and innovation of tastes and styles. A prime example of this, are the limited edition beers we release occasionally. Unique flavours, unbound by the constraints of certain beer styles, and representative of their makers’ passion and imagination.

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